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Richard Dew successfully advises siblings of millionaire who signed over half his fortune to carer

1st May 2018

Ten Old Square’s Richard Dew acted for the siblings in the recent hearing to determine the validity of a second will of a dying millionaire, who signed over almost half of his estate to his carer in the final days before he died.  Donna Henderson “guided the hand” of retired London banker Marcel Chu to make out a will handing almost half his £1million estate to her and the siblings. The former financier had already made a will in 2008, dividing his estate between his immediate family and a close friend with no bequest to Mrs Henderson.

Given his condition, the judge ruled that the dying millionaire lacked mental capacity when the document was signed.

Denying Henderson her windfall, the Judge at the hearing said “One is driven to the inference that … she is not in a position to overcome the weight of the evidence which she faces in relation to the execution of the will, and the capacity and want of knowledge and approval issues. I have no hesitation in reaching the conclusion that the siblings are entitled to a decree in solemn form in favour of the 2008 will”.

Henderson did not attend the hearing.

To read press coverage on the case click here.


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