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Jeremy Callman to present Partnership Webinar for MBL

7th Nov 2019

In the new year, Jeremy Callman will be presenting PartnershipLLP Law – The Building Blocks – Learn Live for MBL. Within the live broadcast session, Jeremy will discuss various questions that arise within Partnership Law.

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • What exactly is a (traditional) partnership?
  • What are the legal relationships and duties between partners?
  • Partners and profits and losses
  • What do partners own (partnership property and interests)?
  • What is a Limited Liability Partnership (‘LLP’)?
  • What does ‘converting to an LLP’ actually mean?
  • What then are the main differences between a partnership, an LLP and an LP?
  • What are the interests of members in an LLP?
  • Can you be an employee and a partner or member?
  • How do the relationships work between members and the LLP and between members themselves?
  • How safe is an LLP?
  • How do partnerships and LLPs come to an end?
  • Some trips and traps of partnership and LLP litigation

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