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Jeremy Callman talks at MBL on Partnership and LLP Disputes

30th Jan 2020

Jeremy Callman has delivered a talk at MBL on Partnership and LLP Disputes – A toolkit for Common Scenarios. 

During the talk, Jermey delved into some resolutions for problematic situations that those in managing positions in Partnerhips and LLPs might find themsleves in. Some of those key topics covered:

  • An overview of Partnerships and LLPs
  • Status of members: unravelling the member/employee conundrum
  • A ‘master class’ on expelling and compulsorily retiring partners/members
  • Exercising a discretion and decision making – Braganza and beyond
  • A litigator’s learning points for Partnership/LLP Agreements
  • Team moves
  • Forfeiture of partner profit share?
  • Top 10 tips and traps on litigating partnership disputes



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