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Richard Dew speaking at ‘Dealing with Secret and Half Secret Trusts’

22nd Apr 2021

Richard Dew will be a speaker at Simon Gore’s Webinar ‘Dealing with Secret and Half Secret Trusts’ on 23rd June from 12.30 – 2pm. 

This webinar will consider the recent decision in Titcombe v Ison from the perspective of two of the practitioners in the case. Issues in the case included whether and when promises were sufficient to give rise to a fully secret trust and what sort of obligation is sufficiently certain to form the basis of a secret trust:

– The principles of secret and half secret trusts

– What has to be proven to establish a fully secret trust?

– What kind of promises are enough?

– Is the obligation certain enough to give rise to a secret trust?

– What sort of evidence is needed to win these cases?


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