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Georgia Bedworth

"Georgia is the most complete chancery barrister I've ever worked with. She is hard working, thorough, tenacious and someone who never lets you down."
(Chambers UK 2024)

Georgia Bedworth has a thriving traditional chancery practice with particular focus on trusts and estates matters, both contentious and non-contentious. Georgia’s strong real property background gives her an edge when dealing with landed estates, as well as when advising on any trust or probate matter with a property element. As well as having considerable experience and expertise in contentious chancery matters, such as probate disputes, 1975 Act claims and removal applications, Georgia also undertakes a considerable amount of non-contentious work, including capital taxes planning. Georgia is frequently instructed in cases concerning multi-million pound trusts and estates. She has acted in a number of applications under the Variation of Trusts Act 1958 to vary high value settlements including those with a foreign element.

In addition, Georgia’s practice includes advising and litigating on pure property matters. Georgia also has considerable expertise in Court of Protection (Property and Affairs) matters.

Ranked in Band 1 by Chambers UK 2022 in Trusts, Chancery: Traditional and Cour tof Protection: Property and Affairs.

Court of Protection

Georgia is recognised by Chambers UK Bar Guide 2016 as a leading junior in Court of Protection (Property and Affairs) work.  She is experienced in a range of Court of Protection mattes, including statutory will applications, applications for the approval of gifts, applications for the removal of attorneys and deputies.

Chambers UK Bar Guide 2016 comments that Georgia “has that ability that works very well in the Court of Protection to take a non-aggressive stance but nonetheless fight her client’s corner.” and also that “She is very diligent, very well prepared and does an effective job.” Previous editions of Chambers UK report that “She has encyclopaedic knowledge of the Court of Protection jurisdiction and clearly and simply condenses a myriad of turgid facts into a cohesive, clear, comprehensive account of events”.

Reported Cases:

  • Re JDS [2012] EWHC 302 (COP), [2012] WTLR 475: Instructed by the Deputy in the leading case on the issue of how the best-interests test under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 should be applied in the context of an application for authority to make a gift for the purpose of mitigating future inheritance tax out of a personal-injury damages award.
  • Acting for the applicant on an application for a statutory will where there was an order for P to attend the final hearing and it was necessary to join the Attorney General.
  • Acting for the Attorney on an application to authorise a substantial lifetime gift of shares to a charity which was not a beneficiary under P’s will.
  • Acting for the applicant on a successful Application to remove an attorney under an LPA who had been appointed two months after meeting P.
  • Acting for an attorney under an EPA in a complex family dispute which raised issues as to whether it was in P’s best interests for her home to be sold and a new home purchased near to her daughter as well as a claim to remove the attorney.


“Georgia has a lot of experience of dealing with complicated cases and is a preferred junior. Everything she produces is very thought through and well done. She is able to deal with complex issues of tactics and detail.”

“Georgia is very friendly, and her written opinions are excellent.”

“She has a brain the size of the world. She writes absolutely the best letters about the most technical tax stuff.”

“She has excellent strength in her written submissions and getting to grips with complicated facts, as well as understanding what the client really needs.”

“Georgia is very good in writing and her analysis is spot on.”

“Extremely thorough and meticulous in how she prepares her cases. Georgia has a strong reputation with judges for this work and so is trusted by them, which makes it easier to get applications through.”

“Very pleasant and someone whose written advice is second to none. She does really complex cases and can communicate issues relating to them in an easy to understand manner.”

“She provides excellent, practical and cost-efficient advice in a timely manner.”

Chambers UK 2024

‘Georgia is very approachable and commercial. She provides clear and concise opinions.’

Georgia provides clear and comprehensive advice on technical and difficult cases.

Legal 500 2024

“Georgia’s intelligence shines through. She is very thorough and detailed, and she provides excellent client service.” “Technically brilliant and completely on top of every detail in all of her work.” “She provides clients with clear and pragmatic advice, and handles complex issues with speed and ease.”

“Georgia is on top of the detail.”

“She is great with clients and has a great intellect as well. She is really good on complex legal issues.”

“Georgia’s advice is provided in a timely and accessible way.”

“Georgia is so knowledgeable; her breadth of knowledge never ceases to impress.”

Chambers UK 2023

“An intelligent, careful and thoughtful advocate who takes good points.”

“She is very experienced, great technically and gives her instructing solicitors and clients great confidence.”

“Calm, authoritative and bright. She truly has the ear of the court.”

“Extremely thorough, very dedicated and highly driven. No one could ever question her technical ability.”

Chambers UK 2022

‘She is a brilliant barrister – she is thorough, hardworking, technically spot on, very clear in disseminating advice and excellent with clients. On top of all that, she is approachable – always happy to pick up the phone and have a chat. ’ 

‘Very considered, excellent opinions that are clear and concise. Importantly, Georgia is extremely client friendly and is a go to tax and trust barrister. ’ 

‘Georgia is a very approachable barrister, and provides very strategic advice. ’

Legal 500 2022

“She’s excellent at drafting and provides very solid advice.”

“Never misses anything and is able to explain the most technical points to laymen. She’s pragmatic in getting to solutions, and doesn’t let you waste time on anything that’s not achievable – she’s very realistic.”

“She is meticulous and her written advice is more thorough than you could ever imagine. She knows the law inside out.”

“She’s very practical, and happy to pick up the phone and have a conversation. She’s nicely flexible in understanding the client’s perspective.”

“Incisive, clever and very disarming.”

Chambers UK 2021

Gets even the most difficult matters settled. She has the respect of her peers.

Her Opinions are clearly written and presented and technical issues are explained in a succinct and precise manner.

Legal 500 2020

“Fantastic on the overlap with property”

“She’s very practical, and happy to pick up the phone and have a conversation. She’s nicely flexible in understanding the client’s perspective.”

Chambers HNW 2020

“She’s very knowledgeable and has a good sense of how judges will approach things. She’s considerate and thoughtful, but won’t hesitate to stand firm and fight her corner.”

“She is robust, available and friendly.”

“She is technically superb.”

“She is very, very knowledgeable, with expertise in this field. She does really good, clear and concise written work.”

“Phenomenal at explaining things in plain English.”

“Someone who catches you by surprise with brilliant points.”

“She is a brilliant technical trust lawyer.”

“She has a very broad technical ability and an encyclopaedic knowledge. She’s easy to deal with, very responsive and supportive.”

Chambers UK 2020

“A very thorough junior”

“A reassuring voice and she will not hesitate to stand firm on matters and fight her corner”

“The real beauty of her advice is its clarity”

Legal 500 2020

“Phenomenal at explaining things in plain English”

“Someone who catches you by surprise with brilliant points.”

“She is very, very knowledgeable, with expertise in this field. She does really good, clear and concise written work”

HNW Guide 2019

“Very, very clever advocate who performs complex contentious and no-contentious work in trusts and estates matters”

WWL UK Bar 2019

“Very good on trust disputes, especially those concerning complex land and property aspects.”

“She is intelligent, bright and clear in her advice.”

Chambers UK 2019

“She’s very assiduous in her preparation and research, and she applies her hard work and knowledge in a sensible way.”

“Her advice is always thorough and accurate, but it’s her skills with clients that really set her apart. She will always be honest and open with clients and manage their expectations appropriately in a very well-judged, professional manner.”

Chambes UK

“She is always fantastic.”

Legal 500 2018 - Court of Protection

“The go-to junior for variation of trust applications.”

Legal 500 2018 - Private Client: Trusts & Probate

“She is a formidable advocate and leaves no stone unturned.”

Legal 500 2018 - Agriculture

“One of the most phenomenally clever and sensible barristers you can come across; things just sort themselves out when she is on the case.”

“She is very detail-oriented and presents her work perfectly. Georgia is excellent at unpicking issues and analysing matters clearly and in depth.”

HNW 2018 Guide - Chancery: Traditional - London Bar - Band One

“She is very good on trust disputes, especially if it has land and property aspects entwined in that”

“She is very knowledgable on contested probate and issues in respect of the administration of difficult estates.”

“She is very good at drafting and very good at analysing trust and tax issues.”

Chambers UK 2018 - Chancery: Traditional (Band 1)

“She’s clearly highly knowledgeable in this area.”

“She is very thorough, very sensible and she presents cases beautifully.”

Chambers UK 2018 - Court of Protection: Property and Affairs

“I have to say she is one of the most sensible barristers I have ever come across. Things just sort themselves out when she is on the case. She is phenomenally clever.” 

“She is very detail-orientated and she presents her work perfectly. She always gives a very good performance in court.”

Chambers HNW 2017 - Chancery: Traditional (Band 1)

“Provides clear, balanced opinions and is not one to sit on the fence.”

“She’s very empathetic and inspires confidence from the beginning.”

Chambers Global 2017 - Private Wealth: Trusts (Band 1)

“She is extremely fastidious and insightful when it comes to drafting trusts.”

“She is extremely approachable, very good with clients, very empathetic and someone who inspires confidence from the beginning.”

Chambers UK 2017 - Chancery: Traditional

“She’s quite an understated advocate but she gets her points across very well. Her style works well in the Court of Protection.”

“She’s a very civilised opponent and a very clever person.”

Chambers UK 2017 - Court of Protection

“Provides clear, balanced opinions and is not one to sit on the fence.”

“She’s very empathetic and inspires confidence from the beginning.”

Chambers UK 2017 - Trusts

“Brain the size of a planet”

“She is great. She is very very easy to work with. She pretty much knows everything and she is really really approachable.”

HNW Chambers UK 2016 - Private Client

“She is very technical, very approachable and gets her head stuck into very technical issues.”

Chambers UK 2016 - Chancery: Traditional

“She will get her head stuck into technical issues and has a property background, which is an added bonus when dealing with landed estates.”

Chambers UK 2016 - Trusts (Band 1)

“She is very diligent, very well prepared and does an effective job.”

“She has that ability that works very well in the Court of Protection to take a non-aggressive stance but nonetheless fight her client’s corner.”

Chambers UK 2016 - Court of Protection

“Calm, collected and good on her feet when dealing with technical issues.”

Legal 500 2016 - Private Client: Trusts & Probate


  • Diplock Scholar, Middle Temple
  • BCL (Distinction), St Hugh’s College, Oxford
  • BA Hons (First Class), St Hugh’s College, Oxford

Associations & Memberships

  • Chancery Bar Association

Speaking Engagements

Georgia speaks frequently at both in house seminars, MBL seminars and LexisNexis Webinars.

For more information and advice

Call: +44 (0)20 7405 0758


Pricing Policy

Unless otherwise agreed my Clerk will calculate my fees based on my current hourly rate. My rates are reviewed annually and details can be obtained from my Clerk. Once a rate is set for any particular case the hourly rate will only ever be adjusted with express agreement between my Clerks and those instructing me. All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate where applicable.

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Georgia Bedworth is a self-employed, independent barrister whose practice is governed by the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales. She is regulated by The Bar Standards Board [Bar Ref 42904] and is fully insured with the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund [BMIF Ref 2360/055] to provide legal services, please refer to the BMIF website for full details of the world-wide cover provided. She is registered for VAT under the reference 799330581.

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