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Ken Handley

Ken Handley retired as a Judge, of the New South Wales Court of Appeal in January 2012, after 22 years. This included the maximum possible time as an Acting Judge between 2007 and 2012.

While on the New South Wales Court of Appeal he also served as a part time Judge of the Fiji Court of Appeal from 1996 to 2003, and as a part time Judge of Fiji’s Supreme Court from 2003 to 2009.

Prior to his appointment to the bench Ken practised at the Sydney Bar for 30 years, 17 as Queen’s Counsel. He was also a member of the English and Fiji Bars. He had a general commercial, equity and appellate practice and appeared in intellectual property, banking, insurance, and shipping cases. He appeared frequently in the High Court of Australia, and in many cases in the Privy Council between 1967 and 1986 in appeals from Australia and Fiji. He also acted as an arbitrator and appeared in domestic arbitrations.


Ken is the author of three legal text books published in London and many articles and case notes in legal journals. These have ranged over estoppel, election, res judicata, bribery, fraud, tracing, and negligence. His publications and decisions have been cited by the High Court of Australia, the English Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the Privy Council and appellate courts in other jurisdictions including Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and South Africa.

  • Handley, Estoppel by Conduct & Election, 2nd edition, Sweet & Maxwell (2016)
  • Spencer Bower & Handley, Actionable Misrepresentation, 5th edition, Lexis Nexis (2014)
  • Spencer Bower & Handley, Res Judicata, 4th edition, Lexis Nexis (2009)
  • Handley, Estoppel by Conduct and Election, Sweet & Maxwell (2006)
  • Spencer Bower Turner & Handley, Actionable Misrepresentation, 4th edition, Lexis Nexis (2000)
  • Spencer Bower Turner & Handley, Res Judicata, 3rd edition, Lexis Nexis (1996); republished Malaysia (2005)

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