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Episode 2, Season 2: Howe v Gossop [2021] EWHC 637 (Ch)

22nd Sep 2021

Sam Laughton discusses the latest authority on the interface between the equitable doctrine of proprietary estoppel and the statutory requirement that agreements for the sale of land must be in signed writing. In Howe v Gossop, Snowden J considered the question of whether a proprietary estoppel asserted in defence of a claim of possession of […]

Episode 10: Miles v Shearer [2021] EWHC 1000 (Ch)

27th May 2021

James Egan discusses the recent high-profile 1975 Act decision in Miles v Shearer which demonstrates that the Court will not make an award for financial provision for adult children where it considers they are not in financial need, even where the estate is substantial. The information and any commentary on the law contained in these […]

Episode 9: Peter Wilson v The Commissioners for HMRC [2020] UKFTT 0230 (TC)

19th May 2021

Jeremy Callman of Ten Old Square discusses the 2020 appeal in Peter Wilson v The Commissioners for HMRC [2020] UKFTT 0230 (TC) in which the Court reviewed the law on whether a member of an LLP can simultaneously also be an employee of that same LLP. This important legal question has significant knock-on effects across […]

Episode 8: Clitheroe v Bond [2021] EWHC 1102 (Ch)

12th May 2021

Richard Dew discusses the recent decision in Clitheroe v Bond, where the High Court considered, on appeal from a decisions of a Deputy Master, (i) whether the test for testamentary capacity is that set out in Banks v Goodfellow or in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (ii) the nature of delusions sufficient to make a […]

Episode 7: The Donkey Sanctuary v. Bacchus [2020] WTLR 1450

5th May 2021

James MacDougald discusses the case of The Donkey Sanctuary v. Bacchus [2020] WTLR 1450, a recent High Court decision on post-death deeds of variation, the circumstances in which the executors of a dead person can vary that person’s entitlement on an earlier death, and when a decision of that kind will be ultra vires or […]

Episode 6: Edwards v Aurora Leasing Ltd [2021] EWHC96 (Ch)

28th Apr 2021

The circumstances where a trustee in bankruptcy can recover a payment or a preference that is made by a bankrupt between the presentation of the bankruptcy petition and the making of the bankruptcy order differ surprisingly from those which pertain to a payment or preference that is made before the petition or which pertain to […]

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