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Barristers’ Fees

We offer a market-leading, truly bespoke service to all our clients. All enquiries relating to barristers’ fees are dealt with by our experienced Clerks. Our Clerks recognise that it is essential that they provide complete transparency when it comes to providing our professional clients with fee estimates for any work we do and they can call upon a (collective) century of experience in providing information regarding barristers’ fees.

Professional and “licensed access” clients may contact our Clerks to obtain a quotation for the specialist legal services we provide. Our Clerks will agree the basis on which the barristers’ fees will be charged and they will produce accurate estimates of the overall fees likely to be involved. Our Clerks pioneered the processes relating to clear “case costs budgeting” and are equipped to supply detailed, whole-case budgets to those who instruct us.

“The clerking led by Keith Plowman is very good. The clerks are sensible, pragmatic and a good team. They are accommodating and understanding”Chambers UK Bar.

Barristers’ fees will typically be structured on the following bases:

Hourly Rates for Advice and Drafting

Upon instruction our Clerks will advise you of the hourly rate applicable to any barrister in Chambers and they will provide an estimate for any piece of work based on an appraisal of the time required by the barrister to complete the work.

The ultimate fees can, if required, be pre-agreed considering the nature of the case, its urgency and its complexity, and the experience and standing of the barrister instructed.

Brief and Refresher Fees for Hearings

Brief and “Refresher” fees apply where attending a court, tribunal or ADR is required.

A Brief fee would usually include all pre-trial preparation and drafting of a Skeleton Argument, a pre-trial conference (if needed), and the fee for the first day attending court.

Refresher fees (i.e. daily attendance fees) apply when a hearing lastsl longer tha one day and they usually include attending court and an allowance for any work carried out before or after court on the day.

Brief fees and refresher fees are also assessed and agreed taking into account the nature of the case and its legal and factual complexities, and the experience and standing of the specialist barrister instructed.


UK Value Added Tax is charged (at the prevailing rate – currently 20%) on all fees unless those instructing us certify that that the fees are VAT-exempt pursuant to HMRC’s place of supply rules.

Further details of our fees can be obtained from our Clerks, if required.

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