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At Ten Old Square we offer one twelve-month pupillage each year.

We aim to recruit a bright and enthusiastic pupil, who has the academic ability and commercial awareness needed for a career at the Chancery Bar.

We pride ourselves on the relaxed and friendly working environment in Chambers and hope that our pupil will find their time with us not only stimulating and interesting but also enjoyable. Pupillage is structured so as to equip our pupil with all the skills necessary for a successful practice at the Chancery Bar. Chambers considers pupillage to be a learning experience for the pupil and not a twelve month interview.

Historically, junior tenants have been recruited from Chambers’ pupils and we regard our pupil as the principal candidate for any tenancy. Chambers aims to recruit a junior tenant each year, although whether or not this occurs will depend on a number of factors.

Further information about pupillage can be found in our Pupillage and Junior Recruitment Policy. Brief details are set out below.

The Structure of Pupillage

Pupillage is usually divided into four periods of three months and is structured so as to provide our pupil with experience of all Chambers’ practice areas. Our pupil can expect to sit with at least four members of Chambers during their time with us.

During the second six months, there will be opportunities for our pupil to undertake work of their own.

The Award

Our twelve month pupillage carries with it an award of £75,000 payable in monthly instalments in advance during the pupillage. Up to one quarter £18,750) may be drawn down in the year preceding pupillage.

Junior tenants do not pay rent and rates for their first year of practice or chambers expenses for the first six months.

Applying for pupillage

We recruit through the Pupillage Gateway and REALrating’s contextual recruitment system, using the following timetable and process:

  • 4 January 2023: Pupillage Gateway applications open (the REALrating link is contained in the Gateway application form);
  • 8 February 2023: Pupillage Gateway applications close;
  • 11 & 13 March 2023: 1st round interviews;
  • 14 March 2023: Successful applicants are sent a written problem to complete;
  • 20 March 2023: Deadline for returning written problem;
  • 18 April 2023: 2nd round interviews;
  • 25 April 2023: Optional unassessed open day for candidates on the offer/reserve list;
  • 5 May 2023: Offer made.

Chambers can provide interviews by videolink. If an interview takes place in person and the candidate lives some distance away from Chambers and is experiencing hardship, they may make a request to the Pupillage Secretary by email for payment of, or a contribution to, their reasonable travel expenses within the UK of attending interviews or the open day. Each request will be considered by the Pupillage Committee and responded to in a timely manner.

Applications made outside of the Gateway will not be considered.

For more information about the recruitment process, please see our Pupillage and Junior Recruitment Policy, available above.


Candidates who interview with us can request feedback. Due to the number of applications, we are not able to offer feedback on individual forms. However, some general feedback about our applications can also be found here.


Our pupils are usually considered for tenancy in June or July of their pupillage year. The pupil is not required to make a formal application. The decision as to whether to offer tenancy is made by all members of Chambers and is based on the pupil’s merits and performance throughout their pupillage, in comparison with the selection criteria (which mirror the criteria for pupillage and can be found in our application form and pupillage policy), Chambers’ resources and Chambers’ practice needs at the time.

In the last 15 years, all of our pupils have been offered, and have accepted, tenancy.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Chambers operates an equal opportunity policy in selecting its pupils and tenants in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice. We are committed to equality of opportunity and to diversity. We welcome applications from all interested candidates, whatever their status or background.

The selection and recruitment of pupils and tenants and the allocation of unassigned work within Chambers will be conducted openly and objectively, in accordance with the principles of equality and diversity, by individuals who have undergone approved equality and diversity training. Such processes will be monitored by Chambers’ Equality and Diversity Officers.

Unfunded Pupillages

Chambers will also consider applications for unfunded pupillages, lasting for up to twelve months. These unfunded pupillages do not form part of our recruitment system for tenants and unfunded pupils will not be offered tenancy at the end of their time in Chambers. Such applications should be made by way of our Chambers’ application form and sent to the Unfunded Pupillage Secretary at Applications should be headed ‘unfunded pupillage application’. The application process involves an initial interview, followed (if successful) by a piece of written work and a further interview. Chambers will apply its usual criteria for recruiting pupils. Any offer of an unfunded pupillage will be subject to Chambers obtaining waivers in relation to the individual pupillage from the Bar Standard Board’s Pupillage Funding and Advertising Committee in respect of the obligations it imposes to fund and advertise pupillages.

Further information about unfunded pupillage can be found in our Pupillage and Junior Recruitment Policy.


Chambers also offers non-assessed mini-pupillages. Please see the mini-pupillage page for further information.

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