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Mediation & ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a key part of most claims. Our barristers are highly experienced at representing clients in mediations and other forms of ADR, including in adjudications, early neutral evaluations and expert determinations; indeed the majority of our clients’ claims are settled in this way.

We are skilled and persuasive negotiators who fight to secure the best possible deals for our clients, mindful always of their commercial interests. Our drafting skills help to ensure that any agreements reached at mediation are clear, logical and fit for purpose.

A number of our barristers are also experienced mediators, and are happy to be instructed as such.

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Do any of your members act as mediators?

Yes, a number of our barristers are experienced and successful mediators. If you are interested in instructing one of our barristers as a mediator, our clerks would be more than happy to advise on who might be a suitable person to instruct as a mediator and the fees involved.

Can we instruct a barrister to act in a mediation if they haven’t previously been involved in a case?

Yes you can. This is quite common, and our barristers are experienced at quickly getting to grips with cases in order to effectively represent their clients.

Do you represent clients at FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) hearings?

Yes we do. These are becoming increasingly common in Chancery claims, and our barristers have a strong track record of successfully representing clients at these hearings and the associated negotiations.

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