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Partnerships & LLPs

We have a top ranked Partnership and LLP team, with well-known, leading practitioners in this developing area of the law. Our expert barristers are involved in many of the leading Partnership and LLP cases, as well as providing Partnership and LLP advice to firms and individuals.

Ten Old Square has been ranked as Band 1 set for Partnership in Chambers UK Bar for nearly 20 years: The 2023 Edition says – “Ten Old Square is highly regarded for its comprehensive coverage of partnership matters on both the contentious and non-contentious sides. Its members are instructed by solicitors’ firms, property developers and financial services clients, among others, and also involve themselves with farming and medical partnership disputes. They regularly appear in court, arbitration and mediation handling all the varied aspects of partnership law one could care to mention including disputes relating to restrictive covenants, team moves and lateral hires, and partner exits”. Solicitors say: “The set has incredible in-depth knowledge of partnership law, and is both very responsive and user-friendly.”

Ten Old Square is also ranked as a Tier 1 Set in Partnership in the Legal 500 2023 – “The experienced junior counsel at Ten Old Square are sought after for the range of matters in the area and barristers’ caseloads cover an array of sectors. The field of private equity and hedge funds has been an increasingly contentious market, providing a steady flow of work for the ‘tenacious‘ Gideon Roseman. The very highly regarded senior junior Jeremy Callman has continued to be instructed on high-profile, sensitive disputes, but members are also regularly assist in drafting and amending LLP and partnership agreements, as well as other non-contentious documents.”

Contact our Partnerships and LLPs Clerks

Contact our experienced Clerks to find out which Partnership and LLPs barristers would be ideal for you. They have many years of experience and will ensure that you receive a premium service and advise on the suitability, availability and cost of instructing specialist Counsel.

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"A go-to for technical disputes, he's extremely knowledgeable and a great guiding light for those that instruct him"

Jeremy Callman - Chambers UK 2023

"He's devastatingly intelligent and enormously practical. Clients love him and you can't apply a finer legal mind to a case than his - he is absolutely great."

Jonathan Gavaghan - Chambers UK 2023

"An effective advocate, who is very sensible and has sound judgement, she can advise on a whole range of issues"

Naomi Winston - Chambers UK 2023

"Gideon is a go-to counsel when you need to take apart a matter which looks fiendishly complex. He's extremely adept at breaking things down and making it easy for the court to follow your case."

Chambers UK 2023

"The clerks are always quick to respond and are devoid of any unnecessary formalities"

Chambers UK 2023 - Partnership

‘Ten Old Square has the largest number of junior counsel who might properly be regarded as experts in partnership and limited liability partnership law.’

Solicitor testimonial - Legal 500 2023

'Tenacious, extremely knowledgeable, immersed in partnership/LLP law and extremely user friendly.'

Jeremy Callman - Legal 500 2023

'Naomi is exceptionally bright and hard working; and a genuine expert on partnership and limited liability partnership law.'

Naomi Winston - Legal 500 2023

'Gideon is a very bright barrister who always thinks outside of the box in order to put his clients in the best possible position in any litigation.'

Gideon Roseman - Legal 500 2023

‘The clerks, Keith Plowman and Marc Schofield, are very responsive, very helpful and always willing to assist.’

The Clerks - Legal 500 2023

"He is a genuine star: he knows more about LLP and partnership law than almost anyone else at the Bar, and is incredibly thorough and a delight to work with."

Jeremy Callman - Chambers UK 2022

"Extremely clever, absolutely charming and an excellent advocate with a core of steel"

Jonathan Gavaghan - Chambers UK 2022

"Naomi Winston is frighteningly clever, works extremely hard and has an encyclopedic knowledge of LLP and partnership law. She is destined for high places."

Chambers UK 2022

"He knows the partnership and shareholder disputes area really well and makes concise, well thought out submissions. He reacts well to judges and has very good client-facing skills."

Gideon Roseman - Chambers UK 2022

"The clerking is first class: Keith is very responsive, helpful, pragmatic and sensible. He is a joy to deal with."

Chambers UK 2022 - Partnership

"His level of knowledge of partnership law is second to none"

Jeremy Callman - Chambers UK 2021

"He instils confidence with his calm and authoritative manner and his strong courtroom presence"

Jonathan Gavaghan - Chambers UK 2021

"Very bright, incredibly industrious and someone with a detailed knowledge of all things partnership-related"

Naomi Winston - Chambers UK 2021

"If you were in trouble you'd want him in your corner"

Gideon Roseman - Chambers UK 2021

"Very good at finding the right person for the right job and excellent on the care side of things"

Chambers UK 2021 - Partnership

"Very user-friendly, incredibly approachable and very sensible"

Chambers UK 2020

"Top of the game for partnership and LLP work"

Legal 500 2020

"Just excellent for partnership work and is involved in most of the leading cases."

Legal 500 2018

"Astonishingly bright and possessed of knowledge which is second to none in this area."

Chambers UK 2018

"Very careful in a positive sense: you know you'll get the highest level of analysis - which is what wins cases."

Chambers UK 2018

"This set has a fine pedigree in partnership matters, and contains a number practitioners skilled in the field. Contentious matters are a forte for the set, with counsel often being instructed on the highest-profile cases around."

Chambers UK 2017

“Excellent set for partnership and Chancery work, very userfriendly, can-do approach. Members combine expertise with an empathetic approach."

Legal 500 2016

"One of the standout sets for partnership law."

Chambers UK 2016

“It is hard to imagine how chambers could improve its service; individuals go the extra mile and are very easy to deal with."

Legal 500 2016

“This dynamic Chancery set has a fine reputation for partnership work, and is led by partnership colossus Jeremy Callman."

Chambers UK 2015

“It is particularly well-regarded for its work in contentious partnership disputes, and its barristers receive praise across the board for their exceptional strength in advocacy, drafting and client service."

Chambers UK 2015

Our Partnership and LLPs Experience

The partnership team provides experienced barristers ranked in both legal journals and variously described as “highest service level I have ever experienced… thoroughness, intellectual rigour and sheer determination”, “like gold dust”, “clever and approachable”, ”authoritative, thorough and reliable”, “absolutely fantastic” and “extremely bright, with a deep and detailed knowledge of all things partnership and LLP”.

Our barristers deal with partnerships, LLPs and LPs of all types: from professional services, hedge funds and private equity to agricultural, medical and family property partnerships. Members regularly appear in court, arbitration and mediation as well as advising management on internal issues and dealing with non-contentious advisory work.

Recent notable cases include:

  • Boyle v Burke [2020] Bus LR 220: key case on partnership dissolution; whether a transfer of business had resulted in dissolution and the impact on partnership annuities.
  • Schillings International LLP v Scott [2019] EWHC 1335 (Ch), [2018] EWHC 1210 (Ch): Injunction on behalf of the firm against departing member in advance of arbitration.
  • Shah v Shah [2019] EWHC 872 (Ch): long running partnership dispute between brothers who carried on numerous business interests in India and England, including running oil tankers, property development and share portfolios.
  • Muniment Ltd v Priestley Homes Ltd and ors [2019] 11 WLUK 34: joint venture dispute re incorporation of a new company and conspired with his associate, purported exercise of chargee’s power of sale to ‘sell’ the property to the second defendant’s new company.
  • Brierley v Otuo [2019] EWHC 2145 (Ch) long running partnership dispute; summary judgment obtained against the defendants who were seeking to assist the first defendant (the claimant’s former partner) to make himself judgment proof.
  • Galloway v Independent Films Ltd [14.11.18, unreported]:film based joint venture dispute, trial as regards alleged repudiation of the agreement.
  • Dr B v Dr B [23.10.18, unreported]:GP partnership dispute as regards exclusion from the partnership and partnership accounting, settled following day one of the trial.
  • Horlick v Taylor and Rockpool Investments [2018] EWHC 4034 (Ch) acting for the defendants in resisting an application restraining an LLP from holding a meeting for the purpose of passing resolutions to dilute voting rights.

Partnership and LLPs Frequently Asked Questions

Do you appear for firms and individuals?

Yes. The partnership barristers at Ten Old Square regularly advise firms (often liaising with managing partners, General Counsel and management teams on exits, team moves, post termination breaches and internal issues of all types) but we also act for many individuals who face partnership issues with their firms.

Do you advise on partnership/LLP agreements?

Our expert team of partnership barristers often assist in reviewing and updating agreements to bring them into line with current best practice and law. We draft entire agreements, as well as giving existing agreements a ‘refresh’ and advising on specific clauses. We also advise on ‘conversions’ from partnership to LLP status both in England and offshore.

Can you assist with injunctions and other urgent hearings?

Yes. Our experienced partnership barristers often appear on urgent injunctions and other court and arbitration hearings that require speedy action.

Do you appear in arbitrations?

Absolutely. We regularly represent clients in arbitrations and our team includes a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Do you attend mediations?

Yes. Our partnership barristers often represent clients in confidential partnership/LLP mediations which can provide, if handled correctly, a highly productive and cost-effective method of resolving disputes.

Can we instruct a barrister directly on a partnership dispute?

We can accept your instructions if you are a solicitor and hold a current practising certificate under our usual terms of business. We may also accept instructions from other professional clients under the “licensed access” rules. If you are not a solicitor or professional client, then we cannot accept your direct instructions, but our experienced Clerks can recommend appropriate solicitors who can assist you and through whom you can instruct us.

At what stage do your partnership barristers get involved in a dispute?

Our expert partnership barristers can help at all stages of an LLP or Partnership dispute.   We have a huge amount of experience in dealing with disputes within LLPs and partnerships and can therefore add significant value in giving early guidance long before litigation or arbitration proceedings begin.  Most disputes are best dealt with early and we are able to provide useful input before matters escalate and also help you draw up a strategic plan to protect your interests and avoid pitfalls. Our experienced team of Clerks can discuss with you how (and if) we might help.

Areas of Partnership and LLPs Expertise

Examples of areas which our Partnership and LLPs barristers regularly deal with include:

  • Partner and member exits: expulsion and compulsory retirement
  • Team moves and lateral hires
  • Partnership property and assets (including goodwill)
  • LLP and partnership agreements: drafting and construing key clauses
  • Status of partners/members (employee versus partner/member)
  • Duties within partnerships and LLPs
  • Unfair prejudice in LLPs
  • Restrictive covenants and garden leave in partnership disputes
  • Dissolution and termination of partnerships and taking accounts
  • Partnership and LLP insolvency
  • Discrimination issues in partnerships
  • Partnership regulatory issues (including advice about investigations by the SRA and Legal Ombudsman, and representation before the SDT)
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