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Paul Stafford to deliver webinar on Manorial Rights

9th Apr 2020

Paul Stafford will be presenting An Introduction to Manorial Rights & How They Affect Property – Learn Live for MBL.

This live broadcast session will provide an introduction to the complex and little understood but important area of property law involving manorial rights.

After nearly a century of attempts to abolish them or reduce their importance, manorial rights survive and feature in modern property law practice in unexpected ways. They may carry significant financial value, and be crucial in decisions to buy, sell or develop property.

A particular difficulty they create for practitioners is that client instructions are usually insufficient, so the interface of modern property law and land registration procedure along with legal history, local history and ancient documents is typical of manorial rights cases.

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • Reminder of the manorial system
  • Lordships of the manor: the rights and responsibilities of modern manorial lordships
  • Validity of lordship title – proving and challenging
  • The registration of lordship rights
  • Manorial waste – ownership of land – claims to and claims against
  • Sporting rights
  • Mineral rights – ownership/registration issues/claims for damages
  • Legislative reform and the future

An Introduction to Manorial Rights & How They Affect Property – Learn Live

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