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Adam Stewart-Wallace discusses the nature of legal truth

30th Oct 2020

Adam Stewart-Wallace is looking forward to discussing his paper on ‘Legal Truth as Assessment Sensitive’ at the Cambridge Forum for Legal and Political Philosophy on 18 November.

“The paper I am suggesting for the reading is John MacFarlane’s seminal presentation of the view he likes to call ‘assessment-sensitivity’ or ‘relativism’:

‘Future Contingents and Relative Truth’, The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol 53 No. 212.

Given that this is a forum for legal and political philosophy I should explain why I have suggested we read a paper about a philosophical puzzle regarding time. I’ve chosen it because I think it neatly illustrates MacF’s approach to relative truth/assessment sensitive truth. In my own paper I try to apply that general template to legal truth, which is something neither MacF nor to the best of my knowledge anyone else has done…”

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