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Terms of Engagement

Bespoke Terms

Many modern Law Firms offer their own terms of engagement to the barristers they instruct. The barristers at Ten Old Square welcome instructions under any firm’s specific terms and our clerks are more than happy to consider them and can advise on the efficacy of any terms offered to us.

Our Standard Contractual Terms

In the absence of terms being offered all barristers at Ten Old Square can be engaged under the auspices of our Standard Contractual Terms, this is a simple option used for the majority of the clients that we deal with.

We will also offer a specific set of standard terms for solicitors whose corporate clients require periodic billing arrangements.

Our terms provide clarity to solicitors and authorised persons who wish to instruct any barrister in these Chambers and are approved by the Legal Services Board, the Bar Council and the BMIF.

COMBAR (Basis B) Terms

For commercial cases, the COMBAR-CLLS Barristers’ Terms have been specifically agreed between the Commercial Bar Association and the City of London Law Society and BMIF.

Licensed Access

The term “Licensed Access” replaces the terms “BarDIRECT” and “Direct Professional Access”.

Organisations or individuals that have an identifiable area of expertise or experience can apply to the Bar Standards Board [BSB] to be licensed to instruct barristers directly.

The license holder can instruct any member of the Bar for advice, and in some circumstances representation, on their own behalf or another’s behalf in the specialist area.

Barristers at Ten Old Square undertake licensed access work under their Licensed Access Terms of Work.

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