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Jeremy Callman and Thomas Arnull to deliver MBL Webinar

1st Mar 2022

Partnership & LLP Law – A Roundup

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • Key case law developments in partnership and LLP law:
    • Tribe v Elborne Mitchell LLP – Decision making in partnerships and LLPs, just how far will Braganza duties be applied in partnerships?
    • Wilson v The Commissioners for HMRC – The latest on whether a member can also be an employee? How definite is the divide between employee and member/partner?
    • Rennie v Rennie, Dymoke v Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK Ltd – Will natural justice be required in the context of removing a partner or member? Should the individual up for termination have a right to be heard?
    • PwC LLP v Carmichael – What do we learn about how the Courts will approach restrictive covenants for LLPs (and partnerships)?
    • Joseph v Deloitte NSE LLP – The Court’s approach to construing and applying LLP and partnership agreements? How strictly will they be applied?
    • Boyle v Burke – What does it mean to dissolve a traditional partnership? What causes a partnership to dissolve (and what doesn’t)?
  • How those cases fit into the ‘bigger picture’
  • Recent know how and best practice in partnership and LLP law as revealed by the cases considered and discussed
  • An opportunity to enhance understanding and to discuss recent cases with leading practitioner insight

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